What is “I Choose for Myself”

I Choose For Myself is a short film created by Entrepreneurial Babes Nic and Ali. The film launched on International Women's Day, March 8th 2016.

It is a creative collaboration with photographer/videographer Marcus Jones, With Love Photography's Christy Radford, make-up artist Katie Fox and Self Styled Personal Styling Abby Von Duve who wanted to share a powerful message for women.


"This creative piece we hope will inspire and motivate women to think more deeply about their mindset and behaviours."



Nic and Ali came up with the idea for the short film after interviewing women from across Australia about their thoughts towards themselves. The results of the data collected showed that 100% of women admitted to placing other's needs before their own and 85% admitted to engaging in self-sabotaging behaviour.

Inspired by this, Nic and Ali set out to create an opportunity for women to understand their behavioural patterns and their mind chatter through a short film. The film depicts two women as they enter into the day and express their struggle and their success in mastering their mindset and behaviours.


"Each woman is faced with the choice every day - what will they choose for themselves. This powerful choice can either serve them or sabotage them."


I CHOOSE Creation over Reaction

Nic and Ali of the Entrepreneurial Babes continue to empower women all over the world with their simple message - YOU ARE ENOUGH. For this years International Women's Day (2017) celebrations they want to encourage every woman to live in creation rather than reaction to their lives. What this means is simply making the choice to be present and to be loving, kind and compassionate to yourself and others in every moment. Too often women of all ages feel overwhelmed, stressed and in reaction to their lives. By simply choosing to not react we remain present and can be present and in creation. We invite you to share this message with all the women you love, admire and care for so that we can share our message of love and choice with women all over the world.

This video has been created by Ali Villani & Nicole Cunningham of Entrepreneurial Babes © Music by: Paisley 13 ""Step into Yourself"" © Thank you to Marcus Jones – Marcus Jones Photography and Videography Morgan Hancock Bo'az Manser – Manser Music Jessica Magarey, Katie Fox, Jac Johnston, Monique Rees, Fiona Pulford, Marie McDonald, Lexie Jowett, Jen O’Toole, Sharon Balwin, Alicia Weir, Lauren Roberts, Nikki Cooke, Angela Stark, Suzanne Humphries

Nic and Ali

Nic & Ali Entrepreneurial Babes

Nic and Ali are transformational coaches, we challenge women to step up, claim the space and be the best version of themselves. We coach women to identify their limiting beliefs and reclaim their self worth. In our many coaching programs we assist women in their personal and professional development teaching them about mindset and the power of intention.

We have collaborated to create a movement of friendship and success for women around the world. With diverse backgrounds in small business, corporate and financial sectors we bring years of expertise to the entrepreneurship arena. We are serious about our impact and play big. With a loving foundation we assist women to step up, claim the space and be the best versions of themselves, teaching women to become their own million dollar formula.

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Abby Von Duve

Abby Von Duve Self; Styled

Abby Von Duve is a successful personal stylist in the Limestone Coast of South Australia. With a lifelong passion for clothing, sewing and all things creative. Abby's philosophy is to think outside the box and push her clients into new territory, while staying true to themselves. She recognises that every client has different needs from their wardrobe, so everybody’s styling experience should be tailored to suit them. Her background in visual arts, fashion retail and successes in Fashions on the Field have given her the knack of creating a unique look that lets your personality shine through. Whether it is a new work wardrobe, the perfect set of basic pieces, or a full outfit for a special event, Abby believes every woman deserves to look and feel her best.

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Christy Radford

Christy Radford With Love Photography

Christy Radford has fast become one of the regions most sort after Photographers, and with her relaxed, creative and personalised style, it’s easy to see why.
Christy is an artist, her early days saw her in front of a canvas with brushes working on pieces for exhibitions and peoples homes. That creative passion soon spilled into photography, and with her eye for detail, a full time career was born...

Christy is available for all your photographic needs, from weddings to family portraits and everything in between. She has her eye on a new project at the moment as she looks the develop Contemporary Portraiture side of her business. She believes that all women are beautiful and that it's about time they step in front of the camera to capture gorgeous photo's of themselves.

Bringing five years experience, Christy loves the chance to capture peoples's memories and being able to be a part of the special moments in their lives.

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Katie Fox

Katie Fox Professional Make up Artist

Katie Fox is a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist based in South Australia.

Katie’s work includes weddings, special event makeup and corporate and commercial creative projects. She is passionate about enhancing her clients natural beauty through accentuating their best features.

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Marcus Jones

Marcus Jones Photography / Video

After spending almost 10 years in radio studios with no windows, a visual passion was burning inside of Marcus. A career change to TV ignited that passion and since 2006 Marcus has been the guy behind the camera, and has since photographed over 70 weddings, countless families, portraits and commercial jobs.

His TV career was a mix of filming news and commercial, editing new packages and directing news bulletins. Video is now a very strong part of his business through weddings, corporate packages, and even a local sport TV show. He also has a strong technical background with over 16 years experience of working backstage at a theatre on both local and nation shows. Marcus loves seeing stories come to life, and is able to do that every day through photography and video.

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"Imagine what women could achieve if they gave themselves permission to step up and make an empowering choice for themselves every day."